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Animal Removal Testimonials

As a locally-owned and operated business serving homeowners throughout Portsmouth, RI, and the surrounding communities, it’s crucial that we offer high-quality customer service. Our highly-trained team uses effective methods to remove unwanted animals that can cause significant damage to your home. We have helped hundreds of homeowners throughout the area throughout the years, and we’re certain we can help you too. Read what some of our customers have to say about our services.

Steve and his son took care of my serious squirrel problem efficiently and effectively. They were both professional and polite and timely. I highly recommend this company and would call them again.

Denise Camara

This service was the best and I recommend them without reservation.

John Lee

Tabuki wildlife control is a family company. They are very professional, on time, and do quality work. My parents had a raccoon with baby's nesting in the chimney. They outlined a plan for the removal and completed it. Then cleaned up the nest. all on time and with care for my parent's home. I would recommend their service completely.

Kenneth Hopf

Tanuki guys were awesome! Super professional, efficient, and humane. raccoons were captured the same day. They instal cameras to watch the process remotely while using creative strategies in order to find the best outcome. Can't praise them enough!

Gabriela Rassi

I would strongly recommend Steve at Tanuki Wildlife Control for any wildlife pest issues that you may have. My neighbor and I both worked with steve to combat an uptick in the Woodchuck population that suddenly started eating their way through our bedding plants and vegetable gardens. Steve came over to visit daily for well over a week as well as setting cameras so we could catch the culprits in action and better understand their habits. We eventually caught eight woodchucks and so far the garden damage has ceased and things have returned to normal. Thanks again Steve we couldn't have done it without you. Dave Enstone.

David Enstone

Steve the Trapper.... Now the Skunk Slayer! Enough said

Christian Olander

We can not praise this business enough! They responded within minutes of receiving our phone call. within a few hours the cages were in place and less the six hours later, the raccoon that was using our deck as his toilet, was trapped in the cage. Even better was the fact that within a half-hour of letting the company know that the trap worked, he was here to pick up the cages and the pesky raccoon. This gentleman was so knowledgeable about what he does and so nice to do business with. We highly recommend him!!!

Gegg McKay

Steve was exceptionally responsive, professional, and helpful in ridding us of a raccoon that was terrorizing our Koi fish in two days.

Justine Varieur Turco

Steve did a great job helping us with "Rocky" the raccoon. He was quick to call us back, quick to visit us, and best of all, he had "Rocky" within 24 hours! - Tanuki Wildlife Control should be your first call for any animal control issues. Thank you!!

John Tyler

Bill Oakes: a family of raccoons was lodge in the roof rafters of my mother's house and Steve Pace saved the day! He was prompt, professional, and very conscientious, really going above and beyond the call of duty. The animals were in an area difficult to access, Steve took great pains to get them all out, setting traps and opening a hole in the porch roof by the nest to get the pups. He sealed and repaired all holes, repainted, made sure that there were no other access or entry points for new infestation, and even installed a new lock on my mother's garage door. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone, he solved all our problems and was a pleasure to work with.

Michele Eaton

Thank you to Steve at Tanuki Wildlife!! We live on a pond which has been overcome by Beavers! We feature that we might lose access to our home because the Beavers were clogging the culverts causing flooding, not to mention the loss of many hardwood trees. Steve explained to us how and when he could legally reduce the population in our area. Promptly and with great communication, our problem has been taken care of in a sustainable way. Thank you, 5 stars!!

Steve Veayo

We had squirrels digging into the attic and Steve showed up very quickly. The price was great and he had the problem solved in no time! I would definitely suggest calling Steve out if you have any animal control issues! 5 stars!

A Hampton

Licensed and Experienced Wildlife Control Expert