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Skunk Removal Services in Portsmouth, RI

Skunks are omnivores that scavenge for both plants and animal matter. As nocturnal animals, they are most active at night. They usually sleep in underground dens that have been created by other animals, which can be on or in close proximity to your home. At Tanuki Wildlife Control, our knowledgeable and trained wildlife control specialists have the knowledge and experience to capture and remove skunks from your property safely. Using a comprehensive inspection method, we can find out which type of animal has invaded your home, remove them, and implement methods to prevent them from returning. Learn more about our skunk removal services today.


Types of Damage Caused by Skunks

If a skunk infestation is left unchecked, it can lead to significant damage to your home as well as pose a threat to your family and pets. It’s important to call a trained professional if you think you have a skunk living on your property. As a licensed wildlife company, Tanuki Wildlife Control is able to ensure your property and family are safe from the dangers of a skunk intrusion. The damage skunks can cause include:

Skunk Spray

The skunk's natural defense mechanism is a potent chemical spray called thiol. They can normally spray up to 12 feet. Luckily, skunks only attempt to use it when there is no chance for them to escape from it. The spray may cause eye irritation, nausea, and vomiting. However, it isn't considered lethal.

Property Damage

Skunks are avid diggers and can build dens under your deck or shed. Having a skunk on your property puts you in constant threat of being sprayed if it feels threatened. Their dens can also compromise the structural integrity of your property. It's important to have the skunk removed to prevent damage to your home.


Skunks are the leading transmitters when it comes to rabies in the United States. Rabies is a lethal disease that causes paralysis, excessive salivation, and muscle tremors. The disease can be transmitted through a bite to both humans and pets. While skunks with rabies may seem approachable, they are actually extremely hostile.

Choose a Trusted Skunk Removal Expert

When you need an experienced and licensed animal control team for skunk removal on your residential or commercial property, you can always count on the professionals at Tanuki Wildlife Control. We have all the necessary licenses and equipment to safely remove skunks from your property. Our team has helped homeowners throughout Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and the surrounding communities throughout the years, and we are certain we can help you too. Contact our team today to schedule your removal. We are available 24/7.

Licensed and Experienced Wildlife Control Expert