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Comprehensive Wildlife Control Services in Rhode Island

When an animal invades your home or property, it can spread diseases and make it unsafe for children, pets, and adults. Luckily the trained and experienced wildlife removal professionals at Tanuki Wildlife Control are here to help. As licensed and insured wildlife control specialists, we have the necessary licenses to ensure a safe and effective service. We follow comprehensive removal protocols, which are customized depending on the type of animal that has invaded your property and numerous other factors. Our team has been assisting home and business owners throughout the area, and we are certain we can assist you too. Contact us today to schedule your assessment. We’re available 24/7 for emergency animal removal.

two people inspecting house for pests

Step One: Inspection

Our team will inspect your home looking for commonly used entry points. We provide a detailed explanation of potential damage due to wildlife and make repair recommendations to ensure a wildlife-free home. Our clients can decide on the repairs they would like to make to best fit their needs. However, a full assessment is done on each home, knowing that wildlife entry could lead to future entry issues through un-secured areas.

empty animal cage

Step Two: Trapping

Once the inspection is complete, we begin removing the invasive animals from your home. Our licensed wildlife control professional has access to various methods to ensure any animal in your home is removed. Humane trapping methods are used when warranted and feasible. Finally, we can use one-way devices, which allow the animal to leave, but prevents it from re-entering your home. Each animal and situation is unique. Our goal is to provide the most humane and effective method to resolve the issue.

mummified rat in curled up death pose

Step Three: Waste Removal/Sanitation

Depending on the type of animal and level of infestation, their waste may pose a significant threat of disease and re-infestation. Our thorough team will remove waste produced by the wildlife and sanitize the area. Removal of waste reduces the pheromones left by the wildlife and the risk of further wildlife entry, and it will also mitigate any smell and protect occupants from potential disease.

men capturing animals in cage

Step Four: Exclusion

Finally, we will provide you with full detail of our inspection to prevent further entry of wildlife. Without the proper repairs to the damage caused by the wildlife, more animals will have the ability to enter your home.

Licensed and Experienced Wildlife Control Expert